Customizing Nikola's default template    Posted:

First things first

Nikola comes with several template options built-in.

The default template that comes with Nikola is a basic HTML5 template created with bootstrap. This in itself opens us to many possiblities - responsive design, grid layout, widgets, etc.

Nikola also offers an option to import stylesheets form bootswatch(which itself is built on top of bootstrap), allowing for very simple custimization.

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Hello Nikola    Posted:

New blog for 2014

In 2014, I'm going to get serious about blogging. In order to do that, I'm going to use Nikola to build my blog. This is the first post.

Why Nikola

I've choosen Nikola for a couple of reasons.

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FizzBuzz katas    Posted:

I implemented the FizzBuzz katas twice in C#. The first time was straight OO implementation with an evolution towards the chain of command pattern. I also implemented some new rules, to show the extensibility of the implementation.

The second time, I wanted to experiment with the function capacities of C#, and implemented the chain of command without additional objects, but with lambdas.

It was an interesting experiment.

Code available on my Bitbucket.


New blog    Posted:

My old blog is shutting down. It was hosted at which was very nice, but after twitter bought them, they are shutting down the blogging part?!? Anyway, I'll try WordPress for a bit and see if I like it.


SpliX printer driver for SalixOS    Posted:

I finally got my old Dell Laser 1100 working with the SpliX driver. It's available in the Sourcery installer. You'll probably need to install JBigKit first. I had to to overcome a compile error - something to do with jbig.h ...

Anyway, afterwards, just install the printer via the web interface to CUPS and choose Samsung > Dell 1100 (SpliX 2.0) driver and it just works from there :D


Fixing Lightning invitation buttons problem    Posted:

I don't think I'm the only one who's been having this problem (missing accept/decline buttons), but I've found a workaround.

Simply create a new calendar.

In Thunderbird (Icedove for the Debian users), File > New > Calendar, Choose where you want to create it (I chose My Computer), Give it a name and choose your email. Then magically the buttons appear, and even work :D



Ubuntu    Posted:

Ok, I haven't written about Ubuntu since 9.10 come out. We're now at 11.10, and I've given up. Unity didn't please me, the last two releases have been of questionable quality and I'm tired of upgrades not working. When I upgrade my 10.10 to 11.04 just a few weeks ago, in preparation for an eventual upgrade to 11.10, the upgrade failed, leaving me to slave though hours of dpkg --configure -a and apt-get -f install and the associated headaches. Then just weeks later, the 11.10 upgrade went even worse, leaving my system unbootable. After spending the morning trying to revive it, I just installed another hard drive and installed Debian Squeeze. At least it works, though I don't think I'll keep it for very much longer... Which distro next? I've been trying out Salix, which seems to work pretty well, but is not without warts... Only time will tell.

Comments closing :(    Posted:

It appears that Yahoo! is shutting down . I think I'll start sending my interesting links here...

Here's a first one

and another


Django View error    Posted:

Note to self: whenever Django complains that a view didn't return an HttpResponse object, it means you probably forgot to 'return' the render_to_response or HttpResponse in your view method.


def blah_view(request):
    # work here

The above code will return:

The view blah_view didn't return an HttpResponse object.


CSS text-shadow    Posted:

While looking at my last post, I noticed that posterous had a nice looking drop shadow on some text in the footer. After investigating (looking at the page source) , I saw that they were using the text-shadow property, and more importantly, it was working in my browser! (FF 3.5.5 / Ubuntu 9.10). I like :D

Now I'm gonna see if I can modify this post to insert some css drop shadow goodness :D