Ok, I haven't written about Ubuntu since 9.10 come out. We're now at 11.10, and I've given up. Unity didn't please me, the last two releases have been of questionable quality and I'm tired of upgrades not working. When I upgrade my 10.10 to 11.04 just a few weeks ago, in preparation for an eventual upgrade to 11.10, the upgrade failed, leaving me to slave though hours of dpkg --configure -a and apt-get -f install and the associated headaches. Then just weeks later, the 11.10 upgrade went even worse, leaving my system unbootable. After spending the morning trying to revive it, I just installed another hard drive and installed Debian Squeeze. At least it works, though I don't think I'll keep it for very much longer... Which distro next? I've been trying out Salix, which seems to work pretty well, but is not without warts... Only time will tell.

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